HVAC Solutions

BRG 7628 Fiberglass Cloth

BRG 7628 lightweight fiber glass fabric is a thin insulation fabric with a variety of applications.

BRG Aluminium Foil Tape TF4001-FR

BRG T-F4001FR Aluminum foil tape is a 30u/40u nominal dead soft aluminum foil with aggressive flame.

BRG Flexible Duct Connectors

All air duct installations for heating or ventilation are attached to mechanical equipment containing a fan or blower.

BRG Hose Clamp

BRG Hose clips are designed for fastening hose nd ducting connections in a wide range of applications.


BRG ISO+ FLEXIBLE DUCT is a highly thermally insulated ducting, which is designed for HVAC System.

CLIMAVER Neto Pre-Insulated DuctBoard

High-density glass wool panel with a outer lining of Aluminium reinforced with a glass fibre mesh.

CLIMAVER PLUS R Pre-Insulated DuctBoard

CLIMAVER® is a self-supporting duct for air-conditioning, ventilation and heating systems. CLIMAVER® has been designed to offer.

KIMMCO Self-Seal

KIMMCO Self Seal is a self-adhering Glasswool board for thermal and acoustic insulation of HVAC ducts, which completely eliminates.


As the market leader in the GCC, Turkey and India, the insulation group has a well established reputation.

Superlon Catalogue NBR

Superlon recognized as one of most trusted insulation brands around the world. The super distributed to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Supremo Supermatt Black Matt Glass Acoustic Tissue

Fiberglass black tissue, Used as lining of mineral wool pipe, fiber mineral wool blanket, is a special material for heat reservation.

Tac Foil 880 Class 0 Aluminium Foil

Specially designed as flame retardant barrier for air-conditioning, duct insulation, petro-pipe  heat insulation, steam pipe heat insulation and roofing application.


TIKI KOTE T-1 & T-2 is water bound clay type emulsion processed from suitable grade of bitumen and inert fillers for insulation protection supplied in smooth paste consistency.


Neoprene Rubber is a versatile and economical grade of general purpose rubber able to inform in a range of sealing, lining and gasket applications.
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