Roofing Solutions


BESTFOIL 777 is a 6 layer laminate radiant barrier with one layer of pure aluminium insulation foil combine with one layer of polyester film reinforced with polyester yarn and high quality kraft paper.

Bison Panel Cement Board

This manual contains general information and guidelines for understanding Bison Panel to get best results in its application

BRG Roofmesh 3315

Commonly known as BRG 3315 roof mesh, is one main type of welded mesh Made BRG.

BRG Tech-Vent 8000 Roof Ventilation

The biggest concern today of most building owners and Architects is durability.

Bubble Foil ( AIR TAC )BB238FR-10 (FR Class 0 )

Fire retardant double-sided small air bubble aluminium foil

Matt-Foil MF2 ( Class O )

High tensile fire retardant double-sided aluminium radiant barrier woven foil / film

Meta Foil 108 Single Sided

Meta-Foil 108 is a 4 layer laminate, laminated with single-sided Aluminium film for higher tensile strength and good tear resistance.

Sisalation 436

This to confirm, The properties of sisalation 436 in below table has been issued by the manufacturer, Fletcher Insulation

Sisalation 450 - Fletcher

Sisalation 450 Consists of two layers of Aluminium foil/Polymeric Adhesive/High density kraft paper.

Super Sisalation 480

Super Sisalation® 480 consists of aluminium foil on both faces bonded to high strength kraft paper using polymeric adhesive.

Technik EuroCoil

Technik EuroCoil is our colour range consisting of solid and metallic colors. The finishes in this browser are just the start.


KINGS Calcium silicate board is the perfect choice for building board applications such as wall cladding, wall partitioning.
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