Drywall & Partition Solutions


Use gunpowder nailing to secure the wire hangers on the ceiling. Combine wire hangers and the adjustable clips.

BRG FIBERTEC Fibrous Plasterboard

BRG FIBERTECH  Fibrous Plasterboard made of gypsum reinforced with strands of fiberglass.

BRG Superseal Drywall Tape

BRG Superseal Drywall self adhesive fiber glass mesh joint tape is known as Drywall Joint Tape.

Gyproc Baseline

Baseline is a standard gypsum board with ivory face paper university used for wall partitions, wall linings and ceiling system.

Gyproc Fireline

Gyproc Fireline Board comprises of gypsum compound mixed with fiber glass and micro silica in the core, bounded in pink.
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